Beginning Yoga

Beginning Yoga

Contact My Restorative YogaIt doesn’t seem possible that over 5 years ago I started my yoga practice.

Having done exercise in all forms for many years, I was in decent shape but!!! I had no idea what was coming when I started.

The first yoga class left me breathless but inspired to want to learn and do more. As I progressed slowly, (beginners class) I began to see more advanced poses and decided after several months to try an advanced class. I never thought I would be able to do the poses so I just dropped back into my beginners class.

I stayed there for a whole year before getting the courage to move forward.

The poses that were presented seemed impossible to achieve; but I slowly gained more confidence and as the months and years went by attempted more difficult postures and to my own amazement found I could do them. I have gained strength, flexibility and balance that I feel only going through this process was able to achieve.

Little by little the mind, body, meditation and spirituality started to be a part of my daily thoughts and routines. After 5 years I decided to teach yoga but that is another whole blog. “The Beauty of a Beginner” is a wonderful article in Yoga Journal by Kathryn Budig that everyone who is on this path and thinking about it should read.

The Beauty of Being a Beginner

Challenge pose master Kathryn Budig offers some sage advice for beginning yogis craving more advanced asana.

Read the article here on

Beginning Yoga


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