Breast Cancer Yoga

Breast Cancer YogaBreast Cancer Yoga intentionally reinforces the body’s relaxation response and facilitates the reduction of negative stimuli to the sympathetic nervous system to reduce the stress hormones on the bloodstream.

It is in the value of flowing poses. supportive props and specific breathing techniques, that allows for the reduction of stress hormones. Breast Cancer Yoga enhances the parasympathetic nervous system by creating a calm and peaceful mind.

This, in turn, allows for necessary healing while going through the whole cycle of diagnosis, surgery, treatments and recovery. The goal is to restore balance of the body and mind.

Breast Cancer Yoga Works with side effects such as swelling (lymphedema), fatigue, nausea, pain, weight loss, stress, anxiety and depression. Increases muscle-tone and flexibility. Available for all Cancer patients.

The long-term affect of steady yoga practice will help restore health and promote a positive sense of well being in the present moment and well into the future.