Kula Yoga Shala | Tuesday 12pm | Jupiter FL

Kula Yoga Shala | Tuesday 12pm | Jupiter FL

kula yogaA gentle yoga to teach the importance of correct breathing, postures and meditation.

Kula Yoga Shala can emotionally and physically improve healing, increase muscle strength and flexibility, improve balance, strengthen your immune system, and relax your mind to relieve anxiety, depression and stress.

Yoga Class for Cancer Patients, Survivors & Caretakers

Tuesday 12:00 PM

Call for further information: 561-216-5852

Register online: www.kulayogashala.com

This is a donation based studio that invites students to set their own fair price.

400 Toney Penna Drive

Suite F, Jupiter FL 33458

Linda Scheele

lscheele@myrestorativeyoga.com | 407-468-5631

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