My Master in Reiki

My Master in Reiki


Becoming a Reiki Master

Recently I became a Reiki Master.  It is an incredible experience which has taken close to a year.  There are three levels in Reiki; Reiki 1; Shoden, Reiki 2, Okuden and Reiki Master; Shinpiden.

Reiki is a spiritual, vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human system.  It does not involve physical manipulation or ingestion or application of any substances but works with a subtle vibrational field thought to surround and penetrate the body.

People receiving a Reiki treatment often express a sense of connection to their own innate spirituality or inner source of meaning.  There is, however, no religious belief attached to Reiki.

Where did Reiki come from?

dr-mikao-usuiMikao Usui Reiki, as it is practiced in the U.S. today, dates back to the teachings of Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 1920’s.  Usui was a lifelong spiritual aspirant, a lay monk with a wife and two children.

One of Usui’s students, Chujiro Hayashi, a medical doctor opened a clinic in Tokyo with Usui’s blessing.  Hawayo Takata, a first-generation Japanese-American came to this clinic and became his student.

Hayashi and Takata collarborated to bring Reiki to American.  Takata became a Reiki Master in 1938 and continued teaching until her death in 1980.  She left twenty-two students to continue her work.  Reiki is now practiced around the world.

Reiki practice is extremely passive.  The Reiki practitioner’s hands are still for most of the treatment, moving only to change hand placements.  The Reiki practitioner is neutral, making no attempt to fix the recipient or to change the biofield.

Additionally, the practitioner does not in any way control Reiki energy; she/he merely rests her hands above the body or (lightly touch the body).

Your actual experience of Reiki may center on physical, mental or emotional changes; a sense of relaxation, relief from pain, greater clarity, a gradual lessening of anxiety or expectations or other worrisome thoughts.  Meanwhile, something far subtler is happening in the  background.


Very gently, very quietly, very gradually, Reiki opens an inner spiritual connection that can significantly  change the way a person experiences life, a sense of connectedness that can help transform negative attitudes and create a sense of meaning and purpose.

You need not believe in anything to benefit from Reiki.  You only have to be open-minded enough to experience treatment.

Anyone can learn Reiki.  Even children.  Over 800 hospitals in this country use Reiki including New York Presbyterian, Childrens Hospital in Boston, Duke Integrative Hospital and Columbia University Hospital.  Reiki is taught to the nurses to use with their patients and to also teach the patients to do it for themselves.

It is powerful and there is no wrong way to do it.  I am so happy to be able to offer Reiki along with all my yoga classes.

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