Reiki is an ancient form of healing brought to the United States from Japan. Literally speaking, Rei means Universe and Ki is the signature frequency that all living things possess. Ki is like the symphony of your body. When you have a high Ki or in Chinese Chi, your body is playing its symphony perfectly in tune and it is healthy.

reiki yogaOn the other hand, if your Ki is disrupted by stress, anxiety, or negative feelings, your body responds with notes that are discordant or out of tune, and dis-ease ensues.

Those who know Reiki, help others to regain or maintain their signature frequency and therefore their health.

Reiki practitioners are not only specially educated, but also attuned. The process of attunement, administered by a Reiki Master, enables the Reiki practitioner to administer Reiki to others.

The receiver lies down on a massage table fully clothed. The hands of the Reiki practitioner hover over the receiver’s body without touching the body at any point except when placing the hands behind the neck.

So, what does the receiver of a Reiki session experience?

Imagine being bathed in deep, calming relaxation. A gentle touch brings warmth which radiates outward in waves of blissful, soothing comfort, releasing all stress and tension, leaving only serenity. Imagine feeling health and well-being throughout your entire being.

(Adapted from: What If You Could Help? by Diane Van Epps)

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