Sampoorna Yoga is a comprehensive Hatha Yoga Class that takes a holistic approach to bring about a state of comfort and health. Sampoorna Yoga is a complete program for total integration of body, mind, and breath through postures, breathing concentration and relaxation.

Sampoorna Yoga Sampoorna Hatha is a complete program for total integration of body, mind and breath. Asanas release the stress, restores symmetry and balance and develops strength and flexibility.

SAMPOORNA YOGAThe postures work on the physical body by purifying and refining all the bodily systems, toning up, strengthening the organs, muscles, ligaments and nerves. They develop a full awareness of the body without letting the mind get lost in excessive details.

  1. Proper Exercise: To be healthy, all the physiological systems have to work properly. Asanas release the stress, restore symmetry and balance and develop strength and flexibility.
  2. Proper Breathing:   We get energy not only through food, but also through prana, the life-force. Prana is carried through the breath. The more the respiratory system is efficient and strong, the more the flow of prana increases.
  3. Proper Relaxation. Most people dissipate their energy through subtle stress and tension because they do not know how to relax. Relaxation is a device for energy conservation. It is learned on the yoga mat.
  4. Positive Thinking: A person filled with negative emotions will not derive much benefit from the previous observances. A negative attitude and state of mind continually drains away the prana and poisons the body. That is why it is important to develop a balanced state of mind.

This is why at the end of a Sampoorna Yoga Session you will feel relaxed, recharged and happy.