Shoden Reiki Certification | Linda Scheele

Shoden Reiki Certification | Linda Scheele

The Reiki Precepts

Do not bear Anger
For Anger is Illusion

Do not be worried
Fear is a distraction

Be true to your way
And your being

Show compassion to yourself and others because this is the center of the Universe

Sunday, Jan. 31st, I became Certified in Shoden Reiki 1 at True Nature Holistics in Delray Beach, FL. Thank you Michele Santom!!

reiki-symbolWhat is Reiki? It is neither a belief system nor a a physically manipulative technique and it is completely safe. The system of Reiki is a method of working with energy that allows the body to clear itself, leaving one feeling lighter, healthier and happier.

The purpose of a Reiki treatment is to relieve stress and pain, induce, relaxation, release emotional blockages, accelerate natural healing and support other medical modalities including traditional therapies.

Reiki practitioners are not “healers”. Every person is responsible for his or her own healing.   A practitioner simply supports the self-healing process using the energetic techniques taught in the system.

Today, Reiki education is offered free of charge in more than 800 American Hospitals as a means to accelerate the healing process and to alleviate pain. These include:

Duke Integrative Medicine

New York Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center

Yale – New Haven Hospital

Childrens Hospital Boston

Citrus Valley Medical Center Cancer Resource Center, CA

The American Medical Association has added complimentary and alternative medicine treatments to their directory of billable procedures.

I am looking forward to my Reiki 2 Certification in March.

Reiki Really Works: A Groundbreaking Scientific Study


What is it all about?

A short guide to Reiki.

reiki masterReiki is a Japanese word meaning ‘spiritual energy’ or ‘universal life-force energy’.

It was discovered around 100 years ago by Dr. Mikao Usui (pictured). It is a gentle yet powerful therapeutic energy which is channelled through the practitioners hands into the person receiving the treatment. It is different from electricity or chemical energy or other type of physical energy.

It is believed that Reiki brings the body and emotions into balance thus supporting the bodies natural ability to heal itself. Reiki requires no particular faith.

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Reiki As An Alternative Therapy For Mental And Physical Healing!

A Case Study: My Close Relative’s Experience With Reiki Therapy:

Some ten years ago, one of my close relative was sick with a life threatening ailment and multiple complications, which led to hospitalization as well.

It took her more than two months to recover from the ailment.

The whole period was traumatic for her and It was almost a second life for her.

Although she was declared clinically fit, with no irregularities, she did not feel well.

She was always anxious, fearful, , restless, tense and could not sleep.

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