Tensegrity Massage | Massaging the Connected Tissues

Tensegrity Massage | Massaging the Connected Tissues

Tensegrity Massage | Massaging the Connected TissuesWorking with many women who have had a mastectomy due to breast cancer, I feel there is sometimes a lack of information on certain aspects of their recovery period.

A new word tensegrity, has been adopted to describe how all the tissues in the body are connected.

In certain instances, after a mastectomy, pain can be felt in the hip or neck.  Having a skilled therapist who understands this problem will be able to treat this condition. A tensegrity massage, is a new method to relive the pain after a mastectomy.

This is another great reason why Breast Cancer Yoga is so helpful to cancer survivors.

Tensegrity Therapy with Diane Bruni & Soleil

Tensegrity Massage | Massaging the Connected Tissues

Tensegrity Principles & Massage Therapy

Tensegrity is a design principle which refers to the property of tension and compression elements that work together to maximize the stability of a specific structure.

This concept has been discussed in the massage therapy and bodywork field for a number of years through the teachings of people like Ida Rolf, Thomas Myers, and others, who have applied the model to explain the structure of the human body.

Taking it a step further, this model would also dictate that any sort of movement, good or bad, within one area of the of the structure would influence, good or bad, other parts of the structure because the tension and compression elements of the tensegrity structure are stressed in order to distribute load.

Through this model we can begin to piece together the importance of a holistic treatment approach and how therapy at one joint can influence the function of a joint that may be very distance to it.

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